Quality management at STEINLEN Elektromaschinenbau GmbH

Our principles for sustainable quality, our company policy

Constantly ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and continuous improvement are among our top principles. Our customers set the standard for quality. That is why your judgment about our quality is decisive.

Each individual employee contributes to safeguarding our quality standard through his or her personal performance. We ensure that quality and safety-related activities are consistently planned, controlled and monitored. Through this, we meet the quality requirements of our customers as well as the applicable legal and official regulations.

We implement the "0-error principle" and value error avoidance over error detection. Through a continuous improvement process and the commitment of all employees at all levels the quality of our products is being permanently increased. The company aims to meet the requirements of the quality management system and to continuously improve it.

Integral quality management

Our certified quality management system implies Six Sigma & Lean Manufacturing modules. It allows us to monitor and control the entire process chain. Further information on the Six Sigma quality method and the principles of lean manufacturing can be found here: Six Sigma and Lean.

Quality at all levels

We are more than a workshop, and do more than just manufacturing electric drives and selling spare parts. We take care of the constant analysis and optimization of all processes in order to deliver the best possible products in the best possible quality on the desired date for the benefit of our customers. Our employees are part of our ongoing improvement measures. At Steinlen, quality is represented in two areas of competence.

Quality means responsibility

We have trained staff and modern measuring and testing technology. From incoming goods through the whole production process to outgoing goods: our employees carry out tests at all points in the process chain qith great expertise and responsibility. In addition to electrical and mechanical tests, this also includes differential pressure testing, paint layer thickness measurement or the measurement of individual parts, to name just a few examples. At Steinlen, employees working on brake technology, turning, winding or assembly have as much a part at quality assurance, as are the measurement technicians and the test field employees.

Integriertes Managementsystem (IMS)

Wir verfügen über ein nach internationalen Normen zertifiziertes IMS und werden in diesem Zusammenhang regelmäßig durch eine akkreditierte Zertifizierungsgesellschaft audiert.

Bereits im Jahr 1996 haben wir unser Qualitätsmanagementsystem nach ISO 9001 zertifizieren lassen und halten das Zertifikat seit diesem Zeitpunkt kontinuierlich. Hierbei haben wir auch die Anforderungen aus den Novellierungen der ISO 9001 auf die Versionen 2008 und 2015 erfolgreich umsetzen können.

Zusätzlich haben wir uns entschieden, im Jahr 2023 auch unser Umweltschutzmanagementsystem nach ISO 14001 und unser Arbeitsschutzmanagementsystem nach ISO 45001 zertifizieren zu lassen. Aufgrund der bereits von Anfang an implementierten Grundstrukturen gab es auch bei diesen Zertifizierungen keine größeren Herausforderungen, so dass sie im ersten Anlauf erfolgreich umgesetzt werden konnten.

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Bitte wenden Sie sich mit allen Fragen direkt an Frau Barbara-Jane Reinke. Unsere Qualitätsmanagerin erreichen Sie telefonisch unter 05139 8070-970 oder per Mail barbara.reinke@steinlen.de