MOTOX the all-rounder


Geared motors of the MOTOX series are true allround talents!

They are characterized by a compact and robust design with a high power density. This means that you will always receive the most suitable and economical solution for your application.

MOTOX der Alleskönner

A change to the MOTOX series is easily possible!

Due to market-compatible mounting dimensions, a 1:1 exchange can in most cases be implemented without great effort, regardless of whether you are planning a new system or would like to modernize your current one. The combination of common and commercially available types of gear paired with a large selection of additional options allows optimal integration into your drive train and your intended or already in use controller.

You expect more from the standard!

So do we! Based on the MOTOX standard, we already offer our customers appropriate extensions for industry and customer-specific solutions in areas such as agitators, mixers, cooling towers, extruders, crane systems, monorail systems, theater technology, and more.

Regardless of any operating conditions such as low/high temperature, underwater, hazardous areas... we will find your solution.

Proven quality and sustainability!

You expect the highest availability and reliability? We expect the same from all our end products! We leave nothing to chance and combine experience and expertise in our production facility in Burgwedel.

See the regional quality and passion from Burgwedel for yourself!

Performance and efficiency!

With the MOTOX portfolio we offer you geared motors in the power range from 0.09 to 200kW. Taking all operating conditions into account, the specifications of the EU regulation with regard to energy saving and the associated reduction in CO2 emissions are consistently complied with.

This means that when you purchase a MOTOX geared motor, you always receive an energy-saving motor in high or premium efficiency (IE2 / IE3) in accordance with EU Regulation No. 640/2009 based on the minimum efficiencies in accordance with IEC 60034-30 for an economical energy balance.

In addition to this, all 2-stage geared motors are characterized by an efficiency of more than 96%. Here, too, we focus on saving energy and ultimately reducing your operating costs.



BA2010 (DE) Getriebe – Download PDF

BA2010 (EN) Gearbox – Download PDF

BA2019 (DE) Antriebsgruppe – Download PDF

BA2019 (EN) Input Units – Download PDF

BA2320 (DE) Motoren LA/LG, LAI/LGI – Download PDF

BA2320 (EN) Motors LA/LG, LAI/LGI – Download PDF

BA2330 (DE) Motoren LA/LE/LES – Download PDF

BA2330 (EN) Motors LA/LE/LES – Download PDF

BA2510 (DE) Optionale Anbauten – Download PDF

BA2510 (EN) Optional add-on units – Download PDF

BA2515(DE) Getriebe für Elektro-Hängebahnen – Download PDF

BA2515 (EN) Gearboxes for overhead conveyors – Download PDF


Production program (GER) – Download PDF (GER)

Production program (EN) – Download PDF (EN)

Catalog (GER) – Download PDF (GER)

Katalog (EN) – Download PDF (EN)


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