MOTOX geared motors are characterized by a large number of possible combinations, which means they can be adapted to many different situations.

All gear motors can be delivered with a built-in brake. In addition, all common attachments and variants are possible. Individual solutions for the diverse tasks in drive technology are achieved with the various types of gear units (spur, parallel-shaft, bevel-helical, helical-worm and worm gear units).

The selection ranges from robust geared motors in compact, single-stage versions, suitable for high temperatures, in ATEX, underwater or submersible versions (spur geared motors) and the option of design to-order (DTO) to produce according to customer requirements.

The following SIEMENS geared motors of the MOTOX-N series have been available in the Steinlen production program since 2018:



Production program (GER) – Download PDF (GER)

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