ePower (formerly Europower)

ePower (formerly Europower) has developed into an international company and the largest manufacturer of small power generators and welding power generators in the Benelux countries. Two core values are the basis for the company's success: the constant striving for customer satisfaction and the delivery of top quality. Whatever goal or application you have in mind, ePower (formerly Europower) can always offer the right generator in the power range from 2 - 600 kVA: made-to-measure solutions, adaptations to standard generators and short-term delivery times for the most popular generators. STEINLEN has been a sales partner of ePower (formerly Europower) since 2019.


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If you have any inquiries about new or spare part deliveries, please contact our sales department. We're happy to answer any questions you may have via phone (+49 5139 80 70-0) or e-mail at sales@steinlen.de