Bauer / Motor

Bauer Gear Motor has developed into a internationally valued supplier of high-quality, extremely reliable geared motors and sees itself as a partner who adds value to individual drive technology solutions along the customer's entire value chain. The engineers at Bauer develop technologically advanced solutions that combine energy-efficient motors with optimal gearboxes in order to be able to offer customers the lowest possible operating costs.
The extensive product range from Bauer includes helical geared motors, parallel shaft geared motors, bevel geared motors, worm geared motors, monorail geared motors, aseptic drives and C- Adapter motor connections as well as customer-specific geared motor solutions for all applications.

Fast and uncomplicated solutions are made available by a global network of Bauer Gear Motor branches and their qualified partners.

STEINLEN has been licensed Bauer workshop since 1955 and is now an authorized Bauer Gear Center.



PM series synchronous motors ger-180015 – Download PDF (GER)

Steinlen licensed production BAUER PM series – Download PDF (GER)



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