Steinlen trading program

The trusting and partly even decades-long cooperation with some of our partners, as well as the individual selection of new trading partners, enables us to offer a wide range of products from all areas of drive technology. The technical advice from our experienced employees is a bonus that we offer free of charge in addition to our product portfolio - of course also in a personal meeting at your company. To ensure fast response times, we store around 28,000 different items with a total of around 4 million spare and individual parts. Our product availability for our 24-hour service is exceptionally high. We offer planning security through framework contracts and call-off contracts with more favorable long-term conditions - talk to us!


Bauer Gear Motor

• Gear motors, drum motors and brakes

Bauer Gear Motor has developed into a internationally valued supplier of high-quality, extremely reliable geared motors and sees itself as a partner who adds value to individual drive technology solutions along the customer's entire value chain. The engineers at Bauer develop technologically advanced solutions that combine energy-efficient motors with optimal gearboxes in order to be able to offer customers the lowest possible operating costs.
The extensive product range from Bauer includes helical geared motors, parallel shaft geared motors, bevel geared motors, worm geared motors, monorail geared motors, aseptic drives and C- Adapter motor connections as well as customer-specific geared motor solutions for all applications.

Fast and uncomplicated solutions are made available by a global network of Bauer Gear Motor branches and their qualified partners.

STEINLEN has been licensed Bauer workshop since 1955 and is now an authorized Bauer Gear Center.


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• Transfer case

Gearboxes from Bothner - precision with proven technology ... robust and reliable! Versatile installation options for the gear unit, available with or without a motor, mean that it can be used in a wide variety of industries. Special gears are manufactured according to customer requirements. STEINLEN has taken over the production, service and sales of all Bothner products since July 1st, 2010.

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Pumps division

• Sewage pumps, pumps for drainage, dry-installed pumps and agitators

Caprari is one of the most important international manufacturers of pumps and electric centrifugal pumps. Due to their exclusive and comprehensive expertise, the best and most efficient solutions for the most important demands placed on water requirements can be offered: from water extraction from deep wells to pumping waste water and drainage, from water supply and distribution in the civil, industrial and agricultural sectors through to the most varied of applications in the context of water treatment. STEINLEN has been Caprari's sales and service partner since 2020.


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Control Techniques / Nidec Gruppe

Drive technology division

• Drive Setup, AC converters and motors, servo drives and motors, DC converters and motors, drive systems

As part of the Nidec Group, Control Techniques is a leading manufacturer of components for motor control and power converter technology in commercial and industrial applications. Our innovative products are used in areas that place the highest demands on performance, reliability and energy efficiency. STEINLEN has been a sales partner of Control Techniques since 2019.


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Industrial brakes

• Hydraulic and pneumatic brakes

Coremo offers a wide range of manually, pneumatically and hydraulically operated industrial brakes as well as a spring-loaded version for safety and emergency stop applications. The industrial brakes can be used in a compatible manner. On request, we will be happy to inform you which types of brakes can be substituted by Coremo. Steinlen has been the official German agency for industrial brakes from Coremo since 2005.

Hydraulic brakes Pneumatic brakes


Drive technology division

• Frequency converters and servo drives

Intelligent drives for higher efficiency and productivity

Danfoss Drives is one of the leading suppliers of drive technology. The company delivered the first mass-produced frequency converter as early as 1968.

In 2014 Vacon and Danfoss merged and now offer an extensive portfolio with a power range from 0.18 kW to 5.3 MW.

Today Danfoss stands for innovative and efficient solutions for speed control and electrification. The portfolio includes frequency converters, soft starters, DC / DC converters and grid converters.

DrivePro LifeCycle Services offer support precisely tailored to your needs for commissioning, condition monitoring, spare parts packages and service.

See for yourself. 

STEINLEN has been an authorized Danfoss system partner since 2000.


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ePower (formerly Europower)

Power generator

ePower (formerly Europower) has developed into an international company and the largest manufacturer of small power generators and welding power generators in the Benelux countries. Two core values are the basis for the company's success: the constant striving for customer satisfaction and the delivery of top quality. Whatever goal or application you have in mind, ePower (formerly Europower) can always offer the right generator in the power range from 2 - 600 kVA: made-to-measure solutions, adaptations to standard generators and short-term delivery times for the most popular generators. STEINLEN has been a sales partner of ePower (formerly Europower) since 2019.

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Drive technology division

• Industrial gears and clutches

Flender industrial gear units offer the right gear solution for every requirement: spur or planetary gear units from the standard modular system or as a complete application solution. Flender offers the world's largest portfolio of industrial couplings: elastic, highly elastic, torsionally rigid, hydrodynamic, backlash-free solutions as well as railway couplings. STEINLEN has been a Flender contract partner since 1994.


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Industrial pumps

Grundfos has an extensive product range including special pump solutions and services for all areas of application. STEINLEN has been an authorized Grundfos partner for service and sales since 2020.


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Drive technology and magnet technology division

• Brakes, clutches and magnets

All over the world, electromagnetic systems and components from Kendrion increase performance, comfort and safety in automotive and industrial applications and thus improve the lives and work of people all over the world. The Industrial Brakes division develops and produces electromagnetic brakes and clutches for industrial drive technology. They are used to accelerate, brake, position, hold and secure moving drive parts and loads. Areas of application for the brakes and clutches can be found predominantly in the sectors of robotics and automation, conveyor technology, machine tool construction, medical technology and wind turbines. Steinlen has been an authorized workshop of Kendrion Binder Magnete GmbH (formerly Binder Magnete) since 1986 and its authorized sales partner since 1990.


Drive technology Magnet technology Kendrion Binder licensed production


• Automation and amplifiers / controllers / drives

Servo amplifier, motor, individual cabling and PLC control form the heart and brain of a machine. The question is how the optimal combination of drive and control technology can make your own machine even better. Practice shows that it is above all tailor-made solutions that can be used to increase efficiency long term.

Since the company was founded in 1916, Kollmorgen has driven the continuous development of trend-setting solutions that are unsurpassed in terms of performance, reliability and user-friendliness. The extensive product portfolio covers the entire spectrum of drive technology and is used in a wide variety of industries such as packaging, material forming, robotics, food & beverage, material handling, medical and many more. As part of the joint co-engineering, all components relating to servo amplifiers, motors and controls can be ideally coordinated with one another - always with a view to the goals and needs of the customer. 

STEINLEN is authorized sales partner of Kollmorgen since 2019.


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Lock Drives

• Rack and pinion gears, manual drives

Lock Drives offers a large selection of self-locking special drives and drive systems with low speeds and integrated limit switches. Our drive technology has been specially developed for natural ventilation and shading, but is also used for other lifting and adjustment tasks. STEINLEN has been a sales partner of Lock Drives since 2019.


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MOTOX geared motors are characterized by a large number of possible combinations, which means they can be adapted to many different situations.

All gear motors can be delivered with a built-in brake. In addition, all common attachments and variants are possible. Individual solutions for the diverse tasks in drive technology are achieved with the various types of gear units (spur, parallel-shaft, bevel-helical, helical-worm and worm gear units).

The selection ranges from robust geared motors in compact, single-stage versions, suitable for high temperatures, in ATEX, underwater or submersible versions (spur geared motors) and the option of design to-order (DTO) to produce according to customer requirements.

The following SIEMENS geared motors of the MOTOX-N series have been available in the Steinlen production program since 2018:

Production program

Standard motors

In the Steinlen trading program you can get the following IEC standard motors, motors in explosion-proof design, DC motors and synchronous reluctance motors:

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Pfaff Silberblau / Columbus McKinnon

Components / Products division

• Linear drives, lifting columns, lifting elements, lifting tables, cable winches, screw drives

The technological leader in mechanical drive and lifting technology provides indispensable links for production, the flow of goods and transport - there is always something that can be optimized. The matching Pfaff-silberblau products from Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products help to make work processes even better, safer and more efficient. STEINLEN has been a sales partner of Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products since 2013.


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PW Hueber

Gear manufacturing division

• Rack and pinion gears, manual drives

PW Hueber Getriebebau offers tailor-made solutions for many drive systems, maximum reliability and efficient drive solutions (even under extreme operating conditions). PW Hueber products are known for longevity, availability and robustness. We offer you the complete range of gear manufacturing and service from a single source:

  • Independent construction and development department with over 100 years of experience in special gear manufacturing
  • Construction rights for all Preinfalk, Hueber and Baacke gearboxes
  • Heavy-duty gears for harsh environmental conditions
  • High performance and high speed gearboxes
  • Highly flexible service location for transmission maintenance, repair and spare parts service
  • Efficient series production of gear components in the tightest tolerances on the most modern CNC machinery
  • In-house heat treatment and hardening shop
  • In-house laboratory for metallographic examinations
  • Test runs of all gearboxes on our own testing stands

STEINLEN is authorized PW Hueber sales partner since 2012.

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Drive technology division

• Industrial Simogear gearboxes

The SIMOGEAR geared motor is the perfect solution for every drive system. The extensive range of geared motors ensures that you will find the optimal product for your needs. With the new SIMOGEAR series, you benefit in particular from a high degree of flexibility thanks to the wide range of gear units with their limitless adaptability and compact design. Siemens also supplies geared servo motors for motion control applications. STEINLEN has been a Solution Partner for Drives & Motion and Approved Partner for Simoloc since 2021.

Simogear Simotics Sinamics



• Industrial pumps and pumping systems

Varisco was founded in 1932 and is part of the international Atlas Copco Group. Varisco is internationally known for the high quality design and manufacture of industrial pumps. The Varisco portfolio includes both standard products and customer-specific, technical application solutions. STEINLEN has been Varisco's sales and service partner since 2020.


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• Brakes and clutches

Since 2000, STEINLEN has taken over the license production of the entire ZF series (most recently EKN 5 to EKN 60) of electromagnetic brakes and self-adjusting slip ring multi-disc brakes and multi-disc clutches.

Licensing program