The production department was opened in 2019 as part of a building extension. Materials management and new production of products from well-known manufacturers are taking place on a total area of around 2,300 m².


Partner und Marken von der Steinlen Elektromaschinenbau GmbH


  • 600 m² assembly space incl. currently 12 work spaces
  • Work spaces optimized for end products
  • Assembly presses, assembly devices and tools directly at the workplace
  • Overhead cranes for up to 3.2 t, scissor lift tables and floor conveyors

We offer flexibility with minimal assembly times through optimized processes.

Assembly of components of large dimensions

  • Modern workshop press with a capacity of up to 100 t for the highest assembly requirements
  • Comfortable movement of the mounting table and pressure ram in 3 axes for the exact alignment / assembly of components
  • Pressure ram stroke of 1000 mm for the assembly of components in special casings
  • One-man-control/assembly

We adapt to your wishes and challenges.

Quality control

  • Test chamber with variable test system; adaptable to the requirements of the test product
  • Testing of asynchronous, servo and permanently excited DC motors for up to a power of 200 kW including motor attachments
  • Automatic and consistent documentation of test results

We assure functionality, reliability, durability, sustainability and satisfaction.

Painting & Finish

  • 170 m² large painting area
  • Maximum weight per part: 2 t
  • Use of high quality industrial paints
  • Multi-layer painting for the protection the product, if necessary
  • Quality assurance through 100% layer thickness testing and final inspection
  • Consistent documentation of test results

Warehouse & warehousing

  • 3.500 m² space for the storage of materials
  • High availability of materials through optimized storage management
  • Reduced processing times through efficient storage management
  • High process reliability from incoming goods to dispatching finished products to the customer

We pride ourselves on our short delivery times and high reliability.


We are happy to provide you with our extensive experience and competencies in the area of the production of end products.
Please contact our management, if you wish to arrange a personal meeting.

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